Monday, January 10, 2011

The sky is falling, The sky is falling!!

I'm at a loss for words here...The people of the Triad, while I love it here, have kind of lost their minds. We're supposed to be getting snow and ice here today, so last night there were about a dozen school cancellations already at about 9pm. Mind you, the snow and ice were still about 18 hours off. So, I'm sitting here at 11am while the kids are running around the house playing and enjoying their "Snow Day" and the weather outside is just now starting to turn.

Should I start running down the street now and scream like Chicken Little did? Seems as though the entire city and surrounding areas think that the world is coming to end when it starts to flurry or even if we have a chance of flurries for that matter. I just think this is so funny, coming from up north where they just had a few inches fall the other night and are expecting another 5-8 inches again today. We'll see how much we actually get today and if it's even anything worry about.

This is just one of those things where my mindset differs from those who live around me. While I sit here and watch it flurry outside, I'm sure the grocery stores are pack with people stocking up for "hibernation" while the world crashes down around them. LOL! I say all this fun and secretly LOVE the days where we don't have to leave the house because the town has slowed to a crawl even though there is no accumulation to be seen!



Get used to it lady!! lol

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